Quick end of Goliathsearch.com

Despite of the fancy domain name the basic structure of goliathsearch.com didn't cope with a sudden influx of spammers - and to be honest I wasn't in the mood to intervene in their activity rather observing what they are up to.

These spammers were very keen to pollute goliathsearch.com with all sorts of illegal pornographic keywords (some of them I didn't even understood, I had to look their meaning up) and they had a rather sophisticated way of approaching your site and they went through Cloudflare's "I am under attack" check like hot knife through butter. Clearly they were able to spoof pretty much anyone and advertisers they even paid for their clicks until someone manually banned the account at the end (so much for PPC advertising and their fancy BI tools).

At the end of the day the Web Search of Goliathsearch is disabled. Unlikely to come back alive again.


Dating in Asia - quick end

Well, this application had indeed a short life. There were minimal interest from users, whilst the Azure Hong Kong region was atrociously shit compared to other regions - we had good experiences with the South East Asia and Sydney regions.

Still - this might be a good result but consider this as a word of advice - stay away from Azure East Asia if you can.

Windows Store used to be a good place for apps - does not seem like anymore for some reason.

So we focus on other application matters from now on...

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Goliath Search - the new Search engine of the Web

We finally managed to launch something that is not new - but the Internet really need it these days - a search engine that does not track your searching habits. With a rock solid foundations, we are pleased to announce that goliathsearch.com is up and running - everyone is welcome to use it, its free of charge and we really won't know who you are and won't put any judgment on what you are really searching for.

To access Goliath Search click on the following link here: Search Engine

To access Goliath Search PDF search facility click on the following link here: PDF Search Engine

Enjoy using Goliath Search.

Legal Forms and Agreements - now in Google Playstore

So far you could only use our Legal Forms and Agreements application from a Google Chrome Extension and as an integrated Windows Store application.

As of today we are providing this tool for Android users as well via Google Play store. The application essentially has the same functionality as the versions running on different platforms - but now you can get download it to your Android phone as an authorized app free of charge.

We hope you enjoy using Legal Forms and Agreements even more.

Dating In Asia - Windows Store Application

Finally the application has entered in the finish stage and the first beta release is in the Microsoft Application Store now. It should run on laptop/desktop computers and hololens, also if you have a Windows 10 phone it will run on that too - though the layout might seem a bit crowded/misaligned but it is still usable.

Stay tuned for more. Regular updates will be posted here with regards to new releases, features, etc.

Enjoy using Dating in Asia!

Children's Learning Hub - Terms and Conditions

Children's Learning Hub is a Windows Store Application dedicated to give you opportunities to discover third party learning tools for children.

We take no responsibility whatsoever for any damages occurred with relations to use and operations of Children's Learning Hub. Moreover we are not in the position to accept any risk with relations to the third party applications listed under Children's Learning Hub - however we do believe that these applications are all conform with all relevant regulatory requirements. 

By installing Children's Learning Hub to your system you agree with this Terms and Conditions and accept all related risks and damages that usage of this system may cause.

Children's Learning Hub is a free product - the developers have no financial gains from you or anyone using this product, unless you subscribe to any of the listed third party applications. 

Dating in Asia - Terms and Conditions

Dating in Asia - Terms and Conditions

This Terms and Conditions should apply in conjunction with the general Website and Application Terms and Conditions found on this website.

Generic disclaimer - Terms and Conditions

In addition to that by using Dating in Asia applications you agree with the followings:

  • You are over 18 years old;
  • You are prohibited to publish any pornographic and sexually explicit images;
  • You express a normal and courteous behaviour towards other users;
  • You refrain yourself from hate speech, extreme religious and political preaching;
  • You are to minimize male chauvinist/feminist behaviour towards your opposite gender.
  • You are not engaging any sales practice on the app including affiliate promotions and such;
  • You are prohibited to deal/promote or generate lead for weapons/drugs and other related products;
  • You are prohibited to start soliciting sexual/marriage/porn-cam/cybersex services;
  • You are responsible to report any child abuse-like behaviour to the operators via the provided contact form and not to engage in such activity;
  • You are not to engage in scamming/pilot-scheme/online gambling related activities.
  • You are to refrain from unwanted dirty talk - please try to be sensitive.

Generally speaking - you are expected to put a civilized behaviour when you are using this application. This is not a sex/porn application!


MapCortex - Terms and Conditions

MapCortex is a Windows Store Application dedicated to give you opportunities to create and save drawings on various layers of an online map.

We take no responsibility whatsoever for any damages occurred with relations to use and operations of MapCortex. Use it at your own risk.

By installing MapCortex to your system you agree with this Terms and Conditions and accept all related risks and damages that usage of this system may cause.

MapCortex is a free product - the developers have no financial gains from you or anyone using this product.

Legal forms and Agreements - Terms and Conditions

Legal Forms and Agreements is a legal template browsing tool working in association with LawDepot® (Sequiter Inc.). Using Legal Forms and Agreements you are able to browse and select any legal document templates that is hosted, managed and developed by LawDepot® (Sequiter Inc.).

We do not provide any legal advice nor any other service except the provision of an integrated document browsing service. Should you decide to use any of these legal document templates the service is covered by the Terms and Conditions, Privacy policy and other related regulations from LawDepot® (Sequiter Inc.).

Please click to the following links to view the related documentations:

Terms and conditions of LawDepot® (Sequiter Inc.).

Thank you