MapCortex - Terms and Conditions

MapCortex is a Windows Store Application dedicated to give you opportunities to create and save drawings on various layers of an online map.

We take no responsibility whatsoever for any damages occurred with relations to use and operations of MapCortex. Use it at your own risk.

By installing MapCortex to your system you agree with this Terms and Conditions and accept all related risks and damages that usage of this system may cause.

MapCortex is a free product - the developers have no financial gains from you or anyone using this product.

Comments (3) -

  • It's a simple basic device for mapping various events, however, where's the help file? Where's the select tool to move text? How come I can't save my work? and most of all, WHY DO YOU NEED ACCESS TO MY One Drive files!?  
  • Scott,
    Thank you for the comments, please see my reply for your concerns below:

    1. Unfortunately I have made no help-files so far apart from a basic YouTube tutorial showing the basic operations of the application. I might add some helpfiles later on however, I must note that this application is free for everyone, so anything to do with it is on the bottom of my todo list. Anyhow, the youtube tutorial is here:

    2. Currently the text box is not movable - you have to delete and recreate one if you are not happy with its actual position. However, I have marked this feature to be done in the next release.

    3. In order to save work you have to be logged in, so please follow the log in procedures.

    4. The reason for accessing OneDrive is that the application saves your screenshots there - and in the next release your saved work will also go there. However, it is very important to not that the application DOES NOT gain access to your files on your OneDrive, only using a specific folder called AppFolder. AppFolder is a OneDrive-managed folder (it is often hidden from the user) and it is dedicated to server as a storage option for various Windows Store applications. Every application that requires files to be stored on a per user basis gets a specific folder allocated to it - and MapCortex has one of these created upon logging in. In short - I can assure you that MapCortex has nothing do with anything you store on your OneDrive and only works in a specifically allocated folder.

    Hope this helps

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