Architecture Review Part II and future works

Well regarding future works I have ideas, but currently still looking forward for other options. Let's see how it goes.

The Azure architecture review and migration went well - after a few attempt everything seems being solid there, costs are still within the acceptable range and all systems are in green. This is however kinda expected from Azure.

The CosmosDB exploration also went well yet I decided to leave it be. Its not for me to be honest, it is still really a simple table storage with an apparently fully indexed columns. All of it. Cost-wise might actually not that cheap if the applications start hammering it and I oftne faced throttling during testing. Maybe another time.

I had succeses with Java ORM configurations for SQL Azure too - well this should not be a surprise, I just kept putting this work off for a while - but this is also runs sort of smoothly with some basic hiccups that I can live with.

Since the backend infrastructure is up and running its time to start working on server side components and in the same time going through some market research - just to see what is worth to be got involved with.

That is all folks.

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