Children's Learning Hub - Terms and Conditions

Children's Learning Hub is a Windows Store Application dedicated to give you opportunities to discover third party learning tools for children.

We take no responsibility whatsoever for any damages occurred with relations to use and operations of Children's Learning Hub. Moreover we are not in the position to accept any risk with relations to the third party applications listed under Children's Learning Hub - however we do believe that these applications are all conform with all relevant regulatory requirements. 

By installing Children's Learning Hub to your system you agree with this Terms and Conditions and accept all related risks and damages that usage of this system may cause.

Children's Learning Hub is a free product - the developers have no financial gains from you or anyone using this product, unless you subscribe to any of the listed third party applications. 

Shopiction, the Shopping Search Engine

This web-application is a rather simple yet helpful tool if you are looking for a good deal, or you just cannot find something on Amazon or Ebay. It is pretty much do what it says on the tin - an application that looks like a search engine but instead of web pages it searches for deals and products. Whatever you need...

Click here to access Shopiction, the Shopping Search Engine.

MapCortex - the free map drawing and management tool for Windows Store

Draw on a street map, on satellite imagery or even on National Geographic maps! Is this even possible? The answer is yes, with MapCortex Free Edition you can not only create complex drawings on street maps and satellite images, but you can also save this map and continue drawing on it later on.

If you want to give this tool a try then you can find it in Windows Store - it requires a Windows 8.1 and above desktop environment.

UK Crime Map - mapping tool for Google Chrome

It's pretty much what the title says...this is a mapping tool for Google Chrome, showing you locations of crimes committed in the UK. The data is originated from the UK Police though it must be noted that due to legal requirements the latest results are usually two months before the actual date.


UK Crime map is not availbale in Chrome Store anymore due to the changes in Web App publishing system and it is not feasible to me to put any additional effort to maintain this application.


Legal forms and Agreements template tools

Legal forms and Agreements are a set of tool enabling users to select legal form, contract or agreement template and tailor it to their needs. All documents are approved by authorized legal professionals from the country of the documents' jurisdiction and also being covered by an indemnity insurance policy.

The tool is currently runs as Windows Store app on both Desktop and Phone environment as well as in a Google Chrome environment as an extension.

Click here to access Legal forms and Agreements for Windows.

Click here to access Legal forms and Agreements for Google Chrome.

Click here to access Legal forms and Agreements for Mozilla Firefox.