.NET Expertise

Though I don't really consider myself a .NET developer during my career I did manage to get involved with a few of these folks. I was lucky to meet some real experts of this field yet majority of the time I was surprised to see how many people actually call themselves .NET developer - or filling in such role - without knowing even the fundamentals of it.

In short, I already gained significant exposure to the following .NET-based goodies:

  • XBAP/WPF development - created a multi-threaded server load test tool
  • ASP.NET - mainly web-forms...many of these
  • IIS configurations - URL rewriting and basic configurations
  • WinRT and Windows Store 8.1
  • WinRT and Windows Phone 8.1
  • Office Web Add-in (just touched upon)
  • Visual Studio 2013-2015 and Visual Studio online - plus source control management

That's pretty much it...