Goliath Search - the new Search engine of the Web

We finally managed to launch something that is not new - but the Internet really need it these days - a search engine that does not track your searching habits. With a rock solid foundations, we are pleased to announce that goliathsearch.com is up and running - everyone is welcome to use it, its free of charge and we really won't know who you are and won't put any judgment on what you are really searching for.

To access Goliath Search click on the following link here: Search Engine

To access Goliath Search PDF search facility click on the following link here: PDF Search Engine

Enjoy using Goliath Search.

Shopiction, the Shopping Search Engine

This web-application is a rather simple yet helpful tool if you are looking for a good deal, or you just cannot find something on Amazon or Ebay. It is pretty much do what it says on the tin - an application that looks like a search engine but instead of web pages it searches for deals and products. Whatever you need...

Click here to access Shopiction, the Shopping Search Engine.