Geospatial expertise

Well geospatial - that is pretty much my bread and butter these days - and apparently this is where I excel the most. Cutting the long story short majority of my experience here is related to ESRI's ArcGIS platform. This includes the followings:

  • ArcMap and ArcCatalog add-in and Python toolbox development,
  • ArcGIS Server deployment and configurations,
  • Python development using ArcPy - custom geoprocessing service design,
  • Some web front-end with ArcGIS JavaScript API,
  • Portal for ArcGIS and service management,
  • File geodatabase design plus using ArcGIS Diagrammer,
  • Advanced operation of any ArcGIS desktop tools, including ArcGIS Pro
  • ArcGIS Pro add-in development,
  • ...plus pretty much anything else related to GIS.

My list with geospatial matters doesn't end here though. I authored a Windows Store app using Bing Maps WinRT API enabling users to draw on maps, edit their drawings and load and save it to their OneDrive.

I also touch-based with some open-source GIS tools too such as QGIS and Geoserver plus a bit of a Google Maps API- but mainly I am into ESRI.