Database expertise

This is perhaps the second most advanced expertise I have, though again I didn't do much formal training on this except a query developer course on TSQL. What I can do includes:

  • Datatbase design in MS SQL or MySQL (MyISAM or InnoDB) with appropriate schemas and enforcement of data model (as much as it is possible in MyISAM though)
  • Query design, query performance review, indexing strategies
  • Complex query design in MS SQL (aggregate functions, windowing, pivoting) 
  • Development of SQL routines for triggers and functions
  • Geospatial column management
  • Understanding of ArcGIS data model in SQL Express (ArcGIS-workgroup...)
  • Some expertise with open source ones like H2, Postgres, Java DB/Derby
  • SQL Azure and some MySQL on Appengine
  • MS Access/Jet
  • ...and so on...