Dating in Asia - quick end

Well, this application had indeed a short life. There were minimal interest from users, whilst the Azure Hong Kong region was atrociously shit compared to other regions - we had good experiences with the South East Asia and Sydney regions.

Still - this might be a good result but consider this as a word of advice - stay away from Azure East Asia if you can.

Windows Store used to be a good place for apps - does not seem like anymore for some reason.

So we focus on other application matters from now on...

Dating In Asia - Windows Store Application

Finally the application has entered in the finish stage and the first beta release is in the Microsoft Application Store now. It should run on laptop/desktop computers and hololens, also if you have a Windows 10 phone it will run on that too - though the layout might seem a bit crowded/misaligned but it is still usable.

Stay tuned for more. Regular updates will be posted here with regards to new releases, features, etc.

Enjoy using Dating in Asia!

Dating in Asia - Terms and Conditions

Dating in Asia - Terms and Conditions

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Generic disclaimer - Terms and Conditions

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  • You are to refrain from unwanted dirty talk - please try to be sensitive.

Generally speaking - you are expected to put a civilized behaviour when you are using this application. This is not a sex/porn application!