Dating in Asia - Terms and Conditions

Dating in Asia - Terms and Conditions

This Terms and Conditions should apply in conjunction with the general Website and Application Terms and Conditions found on this website.

Generic disclaimer - Terms and Conditions

In addition to that by using Dating in Asia applications you agree with the followings:

  • You are over 18 years old;
  • You are prohibited to publish any pornographic and sexually explicit images;
  • You express a normal and courteous behaviour towards other users;
  • You refrain yourself from hate speech, extreme religious and political preaching;
  • You are to minimize male chauvinist/feminist behaviour towards your opposite gender.
  • You are not engaging any sales practice on the app including affiliate promotions and such;
  • You are prohibited to deal/promote or generate lead for weapons/drugs and other related products;
  • You are prohibited to start soliciting sexual/marriage/porn-cam/cybersex services;
  • You are responsible to report any child abuse-like behaviour to the operators via the provided contact form and not to engage in such activity;
  • You are not to engage in scamming/pilot-scheme/online gambling related activities.
  • You are to refrain from unwanted dirty talk - please try to be sensitive.

Generally speaking - you are expected to put a civilized behaviour when you are using this application. This is not a sex/porn application!


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